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Why Australia

Australia is currently leading education powerhouse in the world. Australia has 5 of the best 30 universities in the world for students based on student mix, affordability, quality of life, and employment opportunities. With more than Australia $ 200 million provided by the Australian Government each year in international scholarships, based on individual merits. Australian education is highly regarded globally, with its universities alumni making difference in all corners of the world.
Australia is a culturally diverse, racially and religious tolerant society that welcomes and offers opportunity to those who wish to settle here. It is also stunningly beautiful and ambitious migrants are rewarded by achieving their goals. The country enjoys political stability and has a strong belief in equality and social justice and as a destination Australia is one of world’s most attractive for quality of life.
Australia immigration allows family to unite during the studying programs. The visa allows student to move in and out of the country during school breaks to visit families abroad. The immigration also allows easier visitation of family and spouse to visit students especially to celebrate the graduation ceremonies. GESS Ltd will guide you through tourist visas for family members to tour Australia for short duration during your studying program.