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Student Visas

Australian visa processes get reviewed regularly, hence changes occurring frequently. GESS Ltd receives updated information handy from the relevant organizations and also attends regular workshops organized by Australian High Commission to equip us with proper information needed while attending our valued clients.

With the ongoing country by country assessment by department of immigration, it has been made easier for students from certain countries to apply for student visas to Australia. For example, Kenya has been ranked level two in the Australian immigration category, simplifying the whole visa process. This is due to Kenyan Students’ good performance in Australia, hardworking and good relationship within Australian boundaries.

The Application process:

Through office visitation, phone calls or though emails, we offer free assessment to the students to determine whether they qualify. Our friendly team of staff will advise the student either onshore or offshore on available programs from our partnering institutions that could suite their career pathway.
During this stage, prospective students are given full requirements and whole process explained to enable them carryout a personnel assessment on whether they or their parent are able to afford the process.

Once the student is satisfied with information given, we guide the student in the application process. Document verification and attaching the required documents to make the application complete. This process takes approximately 1-2 weeks. We ensure the student meets the institutions requirements and immigration requirements as well.

Successful applicants will be issued with letters of offer. Depending with individual applicants, some will receive conditional offers before receiving unconditional offer. The conditional offer is granted when the student is required to meet outlined or pending conditions before fees are paid.
Our team of staff will guide the student to understand the offer and refund policy. The student accepts the offer by signing the acceptance form attached with the letter of offer. Then the student will be required to pay the initial fee as outlined in the letter of offer to the institution’s bank account. This takes a couple of days before the money reflects to the universities accounts. The university thereafter formulates a Confirmation of Enrolment, (COE).
This is an important document required during visa application.

By now we are heading closer to the end of the journey to Australia, we assist the students to book for health examinations. We verify and check all required documents for visa application, including ensuring health insurance covers entire study time for our students. Though Department of immigration is responsible for granting visas, our team of staff will assist you complete all required documents in the right manner. Each visa is individually assessed; some take short time while some take a little longer. We celebrate with you once the visa is granted. We also give advice in flight booking where necessary.

We understand how difficult it is to relocate from one country to another. GESS Ltd team will walk with you through proper preparation pre-departure and after arriving to Australia. Starting with what to carry along with you, in your luggage to reassurance pre-long flight to Australia, meeting and greetings at the airport is a special service that GESS Ltd team is proud of. GESS Ltd team will organize affordable accommodation for our students where needed. We offer tour to the university upon arrival and proper orientation on how to settle easily in Australia. You are not alone. We introduce you to the GESS Ltd Australian family in Australia whom we help, discuss and share opportunities that are helpful in settling quickly.