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If you are looking for a rewarding career GESS Ltd counselors will guide you with up to date information on selection of internationally rewarding career.

Both parents and students usually spend a lot of time in choosing the right courses for their children or themselves since it’s over tasking. Sometimes and unfortunately they end up choosing wrong courses. Relax. Our expeditious staff is ready to help you in making the right choice.

We also offer English classes for students who need refresher sessions before sitting for the exam

Australia is globally recognized and high rated for her high quality education. Be that as it may, college and university applications are both intricate and intense especially to first time applicants. GESS Ltd is cognitive of that fact its many years’ experience staff is dedicated to guiding students and makes it simple to students one at a time.

Australian government has various classes of visa depending on your intention to travel. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) requires students to have specific class of visa. In order for you to obtain a visa you are required to have a valid passport. We are accustomed to both passport and visa application process and we delight in walking with you step by step all the way.

To be in another country can be both exciting and at the same time perplexing. We pleasure ourselves in briefing students and parents on what to carry, settling, finding accommodation and what to expect in Australia preparing the student to the environment he will encounter. We also offer Travel advises and options of cheaper flights.

Welcome to Australia. GESS Ltd agency will be anxiously waiting for your arrival to welcome you with a smile to a new country. Our Australian team will pick you right from the airport and orientate you to your new environment free of charge.

Australia has various sorts of accommodation available to students; Homestay, Hostels, Share Accommodation/Rental, University Apartments, Colleges and Halls of Residence. Our caring team sees to it that you get what you want depending on your lifestyle. GESS Ltd understands that students need to make new friends to fast accustom themselves to Australia. Thus we prepare a welcoming party for you upon arrival to make you feel at home.

  • Information and advice on appropriate courses
  • Explanation of the entire application process
  • Student visa information
  • Travel advises and options of cheaper flights
  • Essential requirements and preparations before leaving to Australia
  • Reminders of our upcoming activities