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Onshore Students

Onshore students

Global Education & Skills Services Ltd also undertakes the process of application for international students who are currently residing in Australia. Most students residing in Australia enquiries include:

  • Transferring Course
  • Transferring University
  • Transferring City
  • Renewing visas
  • Completing additional study on top of your completed program that lead to permanent residency (PR).

Our trained team of experts has your future in mind. GESS Ltd provides you up to date advice on the legalities and obligations of the next step in your study and professional decisions.

Our contacts and affiliates at the top universities, education institutions and Immigration lawyers are proactive to ensure your process of changing or upgrading your studies and profession is simple and smooth.

You derive benefits for using GESS Ltd to make your Aspirations, Vision and Dreams come true.
We recommend the best education institutions (colleges and universities) at a reasonable cost without compromise on quality of education to ensure you get value for money. Also, we support you through the application process, step by step guiding you to decide on the best student arrangements in Australia.

We provide constant contact once you have made your study choice.