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Director’s Welcome Note

GESS welcomes you on board,

I appreciate that you have taken time to visit our office, our website or a step to know who we are. Your queries, needs and services become the centre of our attention. That’s why our doors are always open to welcome you, listen, advice, reason, and become part of your journey to this beautiful land of Australia.
Boniface Kagunya also known as (Ben in Australia) is the director and founder of Global Education and skills Services. The journey started year 2014 when I reflected on my own journey to Australia, the challenges I went through, and the gaps I felt needed to be addressed became my drive to start this noble job to assist new  students and migrants in Australia. I shared my vision with Hilary Mwangi, our MD whose passion and experience made our mission unstoppable. We were later joined by Alex and Ann who brought a new vibe in the organization.
I am one of the pioneers who migrated to South Australia on student visas back in 2008 and became Australian citizen after completing my studies. Our numbers by then were insignificant. Am glad to see how the migrants have greatly multiplied and the part we play in Australian community as we integrate with Australian culture and participation in building the society. A good example is our own Kenyan born Senator Lucy Gichuhi who participated greatly to my coming to Australia and supported me to be a man I am today.
I therefore have witnessed people change their lives for good after choosing Australia the best hub of international education. We made the same step and we have never regretted to date. Other Australian alumni are making a great impact in the global world.
We operate in a unique way to make our client feel part of the organization from the time we start the process to the arrival in Australia where we walk with you step by step in settling here in Australia. We have social forums that bring us together through online discussions and sharing challenges that we face here in Australia.
My wife and I sacrifice our time and resources to see many students settle with ease and complete their studies as intended.
We are you, become part of our family.