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Frequently Asked Questions

This depends with the course one is taking and the education provider. Certificate and diploma courses are generally cheaper than bachelor and post graduate courses.

Global Education and Skills Services has a team of experienced counselors that can provide adequate assistance on the best possible courses and education provider to match your qualifications and your interest of study. Kindly contact us for any assistance.

Generally to apply for higher education institutions in Australia requires you to demonstrate that the course you want to take is relevant to your career and will be beneficial to you in future. Further, you are required to demonstrate that you or your sponsor is financially stable to support your stay in Australia and you are able to communicate in English.

Policies and procedures differ for international students. Mostly, you are restricted from transferring your course within the first six months of the program. Generally you need to discuss with your education provider particularly when you want to change the provider such that upon agreement, they can issue you with a release letter.

International student visa limits you to working part-time a maximum of 40 hours per fortnight during semester time. To look for a job, you can use job search engines or visit individual company websites where they advertise their employment vacancies.

You will need to check with your education provider, or discuss it with your program counselor to check the availability of scholarship on that course and the percentage.

Australian policies require one to study in a course which is higher to your highest qualification. It is practically impossible to study a subordinate course to your qualification.

Upon completion of a course in previous tertiary studies, you can apply for credit toward your course. You will need to present the course syllabus from your previous study to verify eligibility.