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To be a global leader in international education and skills consultancy by providing client centered, transparent and dedicated services.


Promote and maintain high quality services that will enable the individual develop impulse to learn and achieve high standards in all aspects of life.


Honesty, Integrity
Dedication & Transparency


Passion to deliver quality services every day and the mutual joy shared when our clients succeed through innovative ideas that come to perfection.




GESS welcomes you on board. I appreciate that you have taken time to visit our office, our website or a step to know who we are. Your queries, needs and services become the centre of our attention. That’s why our doors are always open to welcome you, listen, advice, reason, and become part of your journey to this beautiful land of Australia.


Gold and world treasure lies underneath the soil crust. The land down under where beautiful and fresh sun rays hits the earth first, where morning is first welcomed before the rest of the world realizes its dawn. G’day mate’ and the beautiful smiles from faces from all over the world is the place I would suggest to one looking for a conducive environment suitable for studying. Be one step ahead of the rest of the world with Australian Qualification.


We give the best advice to international students and professional job seekers with consultations with our experienced team of lawyers. We efficiently connect students with the accredited and best institutions of high learning abroad.


Involves: 1) Course Counseling, 2) Institutions Application 3) Letter of offer, 4) Visa Application & 5) Welcoming you to Australia


At GESS our passion is to make your Aspirations, Vision, Desire and Dream a true reality.
We support international students across the globe who wishes to migrate and study in Australia. We offer Services to students and professionals who want to venture Australian Dream in universities, educational institutions and professional job markets.


Global Education & Skills Services Ltd also undertakes the process of application for international students who are currently residing in Australia.
We recommend the best education institutions (colleges and universities) at a reasonable cost without compromise on quality of education to ensure you get value for money.

I came to know about GESS Ltd through one of my father’s friends. They stumbled upon each other at a time when I was still figuring out my academic future… He is part of the team at GESS Ltd and suggested that I should explore the education opportunities in Australia. GESS Ltd helped me to find a course that suits my desired career, pathway to becoming a doctor. We discussed the various pathways and institutions that would support me. They considered my academic background and financial situation to help me settle for a good institution. GESS Ltd knew exactly what to do during the application process for the institution and visa process, it was completely stress free as all I had to do was submit my papers.



My name is Jane; my interaction with GESS Ltd since I came to Australia has been awesome! I came to Adelaide with one-year student visa that soon expired. Settling down in a fast world country and school assignments give you little time to catch up with system and visa process. On arrival in Adelaide the GESS family had thrown for me a warm welcome party. This got me acquainted with some that became friends; I was not lonely ever since and realized the wisdom in GESS Ltd family organizing welcome parties for new comers. The friendly, knowledgeable staff helped me choose the right course, great university and renewal of my visa. I realized with GESS Ltd, they walk with you (not dump you on arrival), ease and support you to realizing your dream. I am grateful and recommend future clients to try their services. Thanks GESS, God bless your great team.



My longtime dream of coming to Australia to study started in 2015. However, how-to was not quite clear until I approached GESS Ltd. The Nairobi staff gave me a wonderful experience and support throughout the entire process. In Australia, the pick-up from airport and the warm welcome assured me that I would not be among strangers. Immediately, the GESS Ltd fraternity in Australia which I would rather call family became a shoulder to lean on. For these reasons I have readily recommended your services to others.



I had unforgettable experience dealing with GESS Ltd agency! Their in-depth accurate and current information saved us from perhaps making regrettable mistakes in our bid to study in Australia. I especially admired the spirited effort and patience the staff gave toward visa success. The step by step guide, positive challenge on GTE preparation, the school application as well as visa application process was satisfactory. The flight booking, accommodation arrangement, the warm reception and the orientation together with my wife gave us smooth settling down in Australia. GESS Ltd is a fantastic organization in assisting with Australia migration they are timely and friendly.



I learnt about GESS Ltd from a satisfied customer who was happy about their services and referred me to them. Through the help of skilled market oriented staff from GESS Ltd I found suitable postgraduate course that fits my career path and a good institution for quality and affordable education. I greatly appreciate the professional advice, the encouragement throughout the process without which I would have given up. With their office in Australia as well, I found GESS Ltd team offering complete, quality services with confidence and remarkable accuracy. I would refer anyone without hesitation to GESS Ltd because of its success rate, competency, willing heart and overall commitment in bettering individual’s future.